• VERBAL VIOLENCESubject of the Project

    Verbal violence is a widespread notion in everyday communication, media and the social sciences approaches such as linguistics, psychology, pedagogy, sociolinguistics, law, or cultural anthropology. This can be explained by the complexity of the phenomenon, which is not limited to linguistic productions ...


    One of our objectives is the study of the different aggression/violence manifestations in ordinary language occurring in school environment: direct (insults, swear words, obscenities, offenses, nicknames, ironies) vs. indirect (gossip) between schoolmates, or between pupils and teachers, in a school context (in teaching activity) vs ...

  • VERBAL VIOLENCEMethodology

    The methodology of our research pertains to the following domains of the language sciences: semantics, syntax, enunciation theories, pragmatics of the verbal interactions, discourse analysis and sociolinguisticsy. In particular, the analysis is based on the diversity ...

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Contract Number: 241 from 1st October 2015

Verbal Violence as Space of Social Identity Affirmation: Representations in Everyday Language and Literary Discourse Based on a Bilingual Corpus


Colloque international
La violence verbale: description, processus, effets discursifs et psycho-sociaux
Université «Babeş-Bolyai» de Cluj-Napoca, Faculté des Lettres
31, Rue Horea, Cluj-Napoca (Roumanie)
21-22 octobre 2016

In this project, we propose an approach of verbal violence as space of confrontation and affirmation of a social identity, through the analysis of representations of aggression and violence in everyday language from school environment and online communication and from literary discourse, based on a bilingual Romanian-French corpus.

First we identify verbal aggression and violence manifestations in a corpus compiled as follows: audio recordings in school environment, the selection of aggressive exchanges from certain discursive practices specific to online communication such as trolling, flaming, cyberbulling etc. and the selection of literary verbal violence representations (conflicting interactions, discursive aggressive practices such as insults, obscene and scatological language etc.) and we will undertake an analysis of the linguistic and discursive mechanisms of production and functioning of these manifestations. We will use the methods provided by the analysis of verbal interactions, the theory of speech acts, theories of enunciation, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics. This analysis will allow us to identify current trends and even generative models of this type of discourse, to detect certain ritualized or original forms of the abusive discourse and their expressiveness and the study of the role played by these specific utterances in the construction of a social identity in spontaneous interactions and literary discourse.


Corpus From School Environment

Internet Corpus

Literary Corpus